Berg's Animal & Bug Control

The pest control insulation that Berg's Animal & Bug Control uses is an innovative product that will save you money and help control certain insects that may take shelter inside your attic. It is the only pesticide that has earned the US EPA's "Energy Star" designation.

This product is only offered to companies with a pesticide license. Berg's Animal & Bug Control has the qualifications and the license to offer this product to all our customers.

Berg's Animal & Bug Control technicians are inside many attics each year to complete Wildlife Damage Inspections. Installing pest control insulation is a service that fits our business and will provide substantial value to all our customers.

Learn about all the benefits of this product such as;
  • It is an all-natural insect control
  • Energy and money savings
  • It is fire resistance
  • It is a sound absorber and odor reducer.

Berg's Animal & Bug Control

Pest Control Insulation